Ex Libris Mörk Borg: Crowdfunding Campaigns


Kennels of Karnage
Stein Hansen

“A short adventure about saving lost dogs.”

Anticipated fulfillment: Sep. – Oct. 2021

In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard: Forbidden Psalm Expansion
Kevin Rahman

“Your warband of 5 greedy souls will face new trials, find new treasures, recruit pets and die in horrible ways.”

Anticipated Fulfillment: Sep. – Nov. 2021

Vast Grimm
Infinite Black

“A stand alone, art-filled, punk-fueled OSR role-playing game about the few humans remaining in a universe being consumed by growing parasitic würms.”

Mörk Borg compatible


Galgenbeck After Dark
Christian Eichhorn

“A collection of dark quests, encounters, forlorn places, and doomed souls.”


Putrescence Regnant [official content]†
Pelle Nilsson, Johan Nohr, et al

Anticipated fulfillment: May 2021

MBC: Heretic [MBC]†
Pelle Nilson, Johan Nohr, et al

Anticipated fulfillment: July 2021

“I will refuse to call this anything but MÖRK BORG CULT: HECKETORY.” – Karl Druid

Abyss of Hallucinations vol. 1
Max Moon

“Bringing Frater Perdurabo’s nihilistic death-obsessed whimsy to taint your players’ imaginations.”

Anticipated fulfillment: December 2021

Börk Morgue #666
Greyson Yandt

“Includes new ways to die, new ways to kill, weapons, armor (and spiky armor!), random tables, runic powers, lots of teeth, torture and pstress, so many cults and cultists, and a way to become like a god.”

Anticipated fulfillment: May 2021

The Box of Shadows
newyear Studios

“A MÖRK BORG compatible 30+ page scenario in PDF format focused on the city of Grift and a Shadowy God of Death”

Anticipated fulfillment: April 2021

Creature Feature Quarterly
Jeremy Hart

“A monster zine for Mork Borg. I’ve selected 16 of my creatures and am giving that a doomy art-punk makeover.”

Fisk Borg
Richard Kelly

“Brutal and accursed fishing set in the somber world of MÖRK BORG”

Anticipated fulfillment: June – September 2021


“A nameless land, conquered by a warlord known as the Saint, cries out for its savior. Choose your side in a story yet to be told.”

Anticipated fulfillment: July 2021

The Masticator Gate
SkeletonKey Games

Anticipated fulfillment: February 2021

Mörkal Komborg
Nacho Disk

“ONLY THE END CAN PREPARE YOU for a bone-crushing, blood-soaked tournament of death in MÖRKAL KOMBORG, a MÖRK BORG zine + solo game.”

Anticipated fulfillment: October 2021

Mörk Materia
Derrick Long

“Power armor. Mutations. The dark future. A 3rd party 40k inspired adventure/setting book for the Mörk Borg RPG.”

Anticipated fulfillment: September 2021

Peril at Frost Manor
James Widdowson

“An Agatha Cristie inspired mystery set in a dying world.”

Anticipated fulfillment: May 2021

Temple of the Kraken God
Christian Eichhorn

“A doomed expedition to a newly risen island. Nobody will return. At least not as they were.”

The Tower of Scoundrels
Philip Reed

Anticipated fulfillment: June 2021

Treasures of the Troll King
Chris Bissette

“A sewer-crawl adventure for MÖRK BORG”

Anticipated fulfillment: July 2021

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