Ex Libris Mörk Borg: Update Log

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17 October

Rules: Gravestone Graffiti, Minimal Borg, Splatterborg

Classes: Splatterborg

Gear: Splatterborg

Monsters/NPCs: Born of a Bloody Film, Dark Lodestar, Fester Back Brood Mother, Gleb Tick, Gonoph, Mind-Jester of Oak Road, Pallate Worms, Puppet Grass, Sinfested Schaller of Krypsis, Splatterborg

Adventures: 30 Days of Mörk Borg Adventure Chapbook vol. 2: On the Island of Dying Gods, The Dead Samaritan

Etc: Omen Cards for Forbidden Psalm

Variants: In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard, Minimal Borg

Apocrypha: Sex Moves, The Vile Trine, Chaos Mage, Mörk Borg x Magic the Gathering: Innistrad

10 October

Classes: Champion of Ruin, Lady Hope’s Garden, Renegade Witch Hunter

Gear: Lady Hope’s Garden, Slasher’s Blade

Monsters/NPCs: Chrystal Biter, Gorehorn of Phon, Lurching Knot, Nemori Elemental, Paladin Schmaladin Order, The Paladins of the Unclean Light, Rhipidate Edge Throats, Scythe Beak Ciaret, Skin Suit Zoetic, Spice Ash Urn, Yperite

Adventures: Lady Hope’s Garden, Mörky Waters, Suffer the Children

Apocrypha: Fanged Deserter’s Dentures, Rulers of the Dying World

3 October

Rules: A Question of Honor

Classes: Bone Idiots, Champion of Fallen Gods, Forlorn Philosopher, I am PalaDONE with your Sh*t!, Paladimwit and the Living Book of Goodness and Chivalric Truth, Paladin That…, Slasher Victims, Vampyr

Gear: A Farewell to Arms, The Anti-Paladin Toolkit, Paladimwit and the Living Book of Goodness and Chivalric Truth, The Tablets of Ochre Obscurity

Monsters/NPCs: A Farwell to Arms, Cloud of Sinners, Denizens of the Dying World, Kristian: Paladin, Lempo, Pearl Elves, Tellurian Entity Druj, Tundra Wraith

Adventures: Against the Cult of the Blood God, The Burning Gash, A Piece of Rotten Fish, A Shadow King’s Palace, This Forest Breathes

Etc: Map of the Known World

Crowdfunding campaigns: MÖRK BORG Core Item Reference Cards

Game jams: Slasher Jam

Apocrypha: Worldwalker Undead, King Fathmu IX, The Shadow King

26 September

Rules: Faces in the Crowd, the Longevity Corruption, Now That’s What I Call Mörk Borg

Gear: Now That’s What I Call Mörk Borg, Righteous Paladin of Charlamange, She’s So Unusual

Monsters/NPCs: Amadiuscius, Giant Leech Worm, Goblin King, Now That’s What I Call Mörk Borg, Watcher

Adventures: Blood Ambrosia, The Chapel of Suffering, Moritat of the Turbo Lover, Now That’s What I Call Mörk Borg

Apocrypha: Mörk Borg Dwarf, Niko’s Crucifixion Nail, Demented Skinsmith, Murderous Pugilist, Fillable Character Sheet

19 September

Rules: Bludgeon Shatter and Pierce, Purgatory

Classes: Crooked Knight, Purgatory

Gear: Parasite is My Name

Monsters/NPCs: Bogman, Crystal Skull, Driftwood Golem, Plague Fly, Sludgie

Adventures: How Dost Thou Like Them Eggs?, Lair of the Lizard Cult, Purgatory, Vile Bodies

Crowdfunding campaigns: Galgenbeck: Sacrifice

Apocrypha: Council of Six, The Veiled Grail Trail, Mörk Borg Character Cards

12 September

Rules: Death’s Head at a Feast, The Joy (and Suffering) of Sex, Psalm 1:2 – The Mist

Classes: Blood Knight, Lord of Flies, Kennels of Karnage

Gear: Death’s Head at a Feast, Fungal Feed – Fruits of Rot, Sinaxariat – Apostecary Guild, Weapon of Mass Destruction

Monsters/NPCs: Death’s Head at a Feast, Kennels of Karnage, Lilith’s Biblia Blasphemia

Adventures: The Death Race, Kennels of Karnage, Tombs of Our Ancestors

Tools: Settlements of the Damned

Apocrypha: Mastaba Ingratia

5 September

Rules: Two-Faced Assilisk

Classes: D is for Dungeon, Gluttonous Dreg

Gear: D is for Dungeon, Paladin Jam, Skullbound Priesthood

Monsters/NPCs: D is for Dungeon, Forgotten One from beyond the veil, Galaxy Eater

Decor: Cross of Glorious Victory of Filth

Adventures: D is for Dungeon, A Dungeon Most Fowl, False Prophecies, Fowl Fountain, Gwalchmai’s Laboratory, The Holy Order of the Myxogastrian Knights, Mhâ’Nhârd’s Hatchlings, Pease Offering, Release the Quacken!, Wrong God

Etc: Rotblack Sludge Mod for Solasta

Conversions: Miserere Mei Deus, Vast Grimm

Apocrypha: Sarkash Buttweevil, Undead Lightning Coil Warrior of Doom, Mephitic Mausoleum, Ship of Theseus, Dark Fort Twine Edition

29 August

Classes: Vengeful Wight

Gear: Opalescent Mitre of a Dead God, Ceremonial Glass Sword, Cursed Coin of Abin Nehbukarr

Monsters/NPCs: Tome of Skulls

Adventures: Curse of the Silver Muscovy, Den of the Robber Duckie, Descended like a dove…, Duck Duck Dead Duck, Dukk God’s Pit of Peril, Ducks Left Wanting, Egg Chamber, From Duks till Dawn, The Hadean Fort, Haruspex of Anzû-Uz, Hatchlings, HEL, The Nightmare, Pond of Inversion, Slugfest, Vaucason’s Tomb, War Flock, What the Duck?

Variants: Og Magog’s Pig

22 August

Rules: Rest, Wash thing filthy blood-caked corporeal form

Classes: The Thinking Thinker

Monsters/NPCs: Glory Hole Mimic, Peabody Peacock Merchant

Adventures: Carnival of Desecration, Cockatrice Breeding Room, Lies Under Flesh, The Maze of Raedis the Necromancer, Tomb of the Screaming Snakes

Variants: Letters of the Damned

Conversions: Cthork Borg, Lichoma

Game jams: Slasher Jam

Apocrypha: Rogalian Firefighter, Flagellant, The Raven King, Caliginous Culvert

15 August

Rules: Being Dead, Spectacle Macabre

Classes: Paladimwit

Gear: Blackpowder Weapons (MBC), Forbidden Tomes, MÖRK BEARD, Mörk Beard, MÜG BORG, Zweihänders of the Seven Fallen Angels

Monsters/NPCs: The Galgenbeck Lawyers, Manbat

Adventures: The Festering Pit of Mokath, Lake of Oil, Psalm IV:I, Svið in a Ditch, Sword of Hailstone, Tajemnice Gnuśnego Biskupa, The Temple of Healing

Crowdfunding campaigns: Kinless

Game jams: Anti-Paladin Filthy Slime Jam

Apocrypha: The Killing Joke, Bloat VTT Map

8 August

Rules: Bedamned Thirteen, Fisk Borg, Sacred Parasites

Classes: Ikillya Monk, Fisk Borg

Gear: Elixirs, Potions & Mixtures for Herbmasters, Alchemists and Wittless Fools, Fisk Borg, IKILLYA Katalog, Katalog of the Basilisk Reliquary, The Relics are For Sale, The Sacred Abhors the Unclean Hates the Sacred, Virtually impossible Machine

Monsters/NPCs: A Bestiary of Sundry Creatures, Figure in Black, Fisk Borg, Sacred Parasites, KARNIVORK

Adventures: Sacred Parasites, Utställningslokaler the Showroom

Conversions: Sword of Hailstone

Tools: Soothsayer

Crowdfunding campaigns: Solitary Defilement, Wightchester

Apocrypha: Questing Knight, Acid Moose, Oven Golems, Doctor Walt’s Miraculous Services, Goblin Grinder VTT Map

2 August 2021

Rules: RAGE

Classes: The Desperate Farmhand (and Other Rural Jolities), Gnoll, The Knight of the Unclean Light, Swarm Sworn Stooge

Gear: Candelabra of Blood

Monsters/NPCs: BEAR-THING, The Desperate Farmhand (and Other Rural Jolities), Elände, FÖLK-LORE: Rendezvous & Romps, Endless Demon Deck, Executioner of Nechrubel, Fedelfugol Pit, Fetus Thief, Garkain, Goblet the Goblin, Golem Priest of acid lake, Guts Nun, Hieronymus Beasts, King of Sweet Death, Livaras, Motsåndare, Nechrubel’s Chimera, PUNy PUNchable PUNk!, Religious Freaks, Swamp Wizard, Targ-Dungel Bogmonster, Warrener of Spirits, The Xorb

Decor: Anthelia’s Black Glass,FÖLK-LORE: Rendezvous & Romps

Adventures: FÖLK-LORE: Rendezvous & Romps, The Masticator Gate, Temple of the Kraken God

Etc: in the wood beside the library,Mork Borg: 1st Apokalypse

Crowdfunding campaigns: The Death Race, Purgatory

Game jams: A Miserable Dungeon Jam

Apocrypha: The Steven

25 July 2021

Classes: The Usual Suspects

Items: D8 Holy Items of the Church of the Two-Headed Basilisk, I Hold Your Hand

Monsters: Discrepants, Eye Mages, Gallowag Prowlers, Gargantuan Ectoparasite, Hound of Yth and Cath, Jinn, Kistkastare, Knight Mannequin, The Lost Endless Sea Sailors, The Monster, Nameless Pilgrim, Omnivorous Slime Mold, Pantomath

Traps: Odd Fellows, Vulgar Stenches

Dungeons: The Road of Light

Et Cetera: Mörk Borg OST, Merch Borg, 7:7 tee, Final Psalm tee

Game jams: A Miserable Dungeon Jam

Apocrypha: stealth mechanics, Hensch!, Mork Borg: 1st Apokalypse

18 July 2021

Rules: Work Borg

Items: Kuviot, Temple of Eternally Lost Souls, Wound Wizards

Monsters: d66 Wretched Travellers, Black Adder, Burning King, Butcher of Wästland, Freakface Toad, Head Eater, Hürtgenwald, Oxomoco, Sanguine Shadow, Squirming Pike, Throat Singer, Wound Wizards

Traps: Mörk Butt

Dungeons: 500 Paces, Scarlet Descent: Black Obelisk

Et Cetera: VTT Map for RBS


11-12 July 2021

Rules: Death Is But a Doorway, Scum’s Guide to Kergüs, Too Many Fingers

Classes: We Are What We Are, Victrix Ludorum

Items: Four Flayed Faces, Included with Every Purchase, Optinomicon, The Üniførm

Monsters: Black Shuck, Brimnes™ Beast, Creature Feature Quarterly vol. 1, Death Rope, Dogo and Dream, Margoth, Nemean Lion, Red Fur Cadaver, Tergol

Traps: d66Loathsome Corpse Mounds, Smörkåsborg, Table of Tables

Dungeons: Halls of Purgatory, Lighthouse of Weeping Bluff, Scarlet Descent

Tools: The monster approaches …

Game jams: IKILLYA jam

Apocrypha: Gnolls

4 July 2021

Rules: Böwhoss’ handbook

Classes: Defanged Despot, Demon Dogrider/Hellhound, Desperate Farmhand, Errant Fool, Ratfaced Sewersneak, Spheretical Hermetic

Items: Bovid Sentinel, Böwhoss’ handbook, Dödsråttor

Monsters: Böwhoss’ handbook, Demon Dogrider/Hellhound

Traps: Böwhoss’ handbook

Dungeons: Böwhoss’ handbook, Murky Bog, Slaughterhouse Citadel, something wicked this way comes

Game jams: Babalonian Jam

Apocrypha: Big Dave, Flesh Flayer Warrior

27 June 2021

Rules: Mörk Borg Solo Rules, Shroom Barge

Classes: The Lost Soul, Shroom Barge, Troldfolk, Tusked Turncoat

Items: Apir’s Viscid Materials, A Polearm to Plunge into Someone Rotten, Shroom Barge

Monsters: Likho

Dungeons: An Ageless Woodless Place, The Lichen Knight of Sarkash

Tools: Mörk Borg Rules Handout

20 June 2021

Classes: Blood-Drenched Beasthunter, Common Rider, Corpse-Stiff Hero, Luminescent Letterman

Items: Trapping Horrible Bugs for Profit

Monsters: A Selection of Beetles, Popular Spiders, Profitable Moths, Other Valuable Terrors; Jägarmördare, Mutt Errant

Dungeons: Box of Shadows, The Bridges of Múr and the Endless Sea, The Spider’s Parlor

Et Cetera: Box of Shadows Reference Cards & VTT Tokens

Crowdfunding campaigns: Creature Feature Quarterly, The Dark Caribbean

Apocrypha: Atorpal

13 June 2021

Rules: From the Maw Came…, Malignant Phenomena, Mouth Stomach A$$, Random Ingredients, Terribler Brokener Badder

Classes: Damned Offering, Itinerant Ctyoquixote

Items: 36 Occult Curios

Monsters: Entombed Bookkeeper, Fox-Imps, A Gallery of Oozes, VVil-boar

Dungeons: The Buried Church of Immortals, Cannibal Carnage, Elle demande IL exige, Murder Party at Dark Manor, Swordpoint

Apocrypha: Fungal Growth, Blade Wraith, Hodrak, That Old Mad Monk, Galgenbeck Echo

Crowdfunding campaigns: Temple of the Kraken God

6 June 2021

Rules: All Hounds Go to the Shimmering Fields, Bark at the Moon

Classes: Hermetic Cynanthrope, The Necromancer, Südglan Leadmaster

Items: Dog Tools, Time for Tea

Monsters: Südglan Duct Beasts, Wolf Like Me

Dungeons: The God of Many Faces, The Kennels of Galgenbeck, ShadowClink, Treasures of the Troll King

Et Cetera: Clamdash! VTT map, Graves Left Wanting VTT map

Apocrypha: Luminescent Letterman

30 May 2021

Rules: d666 Names for the Dying World

Monsters: The Fälgander, Lord of the Flies

Dungeons: Goblin Horn

Variants: Lörd

Crowdfunding campaigns: Abyss of Hallucinations, Fisk Borg, Galgenbeck After Dark

Apocrypha: Scrolls can be dangerous …, Rag & Bone Man

23 May 2021

Rules: Börk Morgue #666, Dïce Borg, Ravaging Plague I

Items: Börk Morgue #666, Ravaging Plague I

Monsters: Accursed of the Lemming Mage, Börk Morgue #666, Flaming Mongols of Pyro Khan, Ravaging Plague I

Dungeons: Börk Morgue #666, Ravaging Plague I

Et Cetera: Cube_Violet

Updated: Dukk Börg

17 May 2021

Classes: Crestfallen Sellsword, Dead Girls in Sarkash Forest, Faceless Ghoul, Night Witch, Petulant Peasant

Monsters: Jagande Död, Tuurngaq

Dungeons: Behilbereth, Dead Girls in Sarkash Forest

Apocrypha: Undead Beaver

9 May 2021

Rules: Tormentous Tragedies

Classes: Classics for a Dying World, Page of Nechrubel

Tools: Brazilian Portuguese editable character sheet

Apocrypha: Rotblack Sludge player-friendly map, Putrid Remains, Death Hunter, Disciple of the Nine Lords, Rotbrain Fungoid, Soul Oven, Misery: Mausoleum + Bestiary

2 May 2021

Rules: Rühtra’s Oracle, Solitary Defilement

Items: Licensed to Ill

Monsters: Chimera, Inhabitant of the Nameless City, Mutant Drifter, Necrotic Child of SHE

Dungeons: The Bone fields of Northwyr

Apocrypha: There is a bounty on your head, You caught a strange fever

25 April 2021

Classes: Öphagian Exile

Monsters: Ballad of Bergharuth, Bon Terry, Siege Goat-Demon

Dungeons: Craving the Green, God’s Goods, The Rains on Merecastle, The Unworthy, The Vaults of Torment

Tools: Reglas de Mörk Borg en Español

Crowdfunding campaigns: Treasures of the Troll King

Apocrypha: Herald of Nechrubel, Kratt

18 April 2021

Rules: Grave Matters

Classes: Absolved Heretic, Death Witch, Dire Hunter, Grave Matters, Tenderfoot Chirurgeon

Items: Bastard Sword, Grave Matters, Mother Jong’s Book of Shadows, Sacred Map of Nahemoth

Monsters: Awful Pets, Basilisks Hate Grundel Fims, Black Lady, Flaming Death, Grave Matters, Wandering Master

Traps: Blood Thorns, Grave Matters

Dungeons: Basilisk Burger, A Dead God’s Stronghold, Grave Matters, One Flew Over the Basilisk’s Nest, The Wicker God, Word Dungeons

Apocrypha: Anarch Bog Farmer, Fateweaver, Forgotten Hero, Squishable Plague Doctor, The Monastery of St. Vitus, Path of Doom

11 April 2021

Rules: It Came from the West, Solitary Defilement

Classes: The Lost Keeper, Wayward Wickhead

Monsters: Benevolent Ignoramus, False Stronghold, Sir Shite, Travelling Cigar Cart of the Spurious Basilisk

Dungeons: Basilisks-A-Go-Go, Death’s Fort, The Farm, The Shattered Tunnels, The Shrine of Evil, Stinkmouth

Et Cetera: Basilisk Cries, IN HER NAME

Apocrypha: The Embowler

5 April 2021

Rules: IV:III, Cities of the Dying Land, Cursed Immortality, Dashed Hopes & Twisted Pleasantries, Familiars, The Fire and the Horde, Forth Comes Fire, Glimpses of a Dying World, Heralds of Doom

Classes: Ucalegon, Western Raider

Items: d30 Necromantic Trappings, d30 Sorcerer’s Possessions, d40 Exotic Artifacts, d40 Medical Implements, d50 Alchemy Supplies, Armaments of the Damned, False Dusk, Glimpses of a Dying World, Necropants, Ship Shape Ships, Sleep Now in the Fire, Ucalegon, We Can’t Stop Here …, What Can be Recovered from the Dead Horse?

Monsters: The Ash Peddler, Blaze Marches East, Burning Vengeance, Children of SHE, Cultus Incendium, Dream Stalker, The Ever-Burning Prophet, The Fire and the Horde, Fire Bugs, The Fireman, Firemicidae Horde, Glimpses of a Dying World, Hellmouth Nemertean, Herald of Incineration, The Holocaust baby, In the Remnants of the Maggot Horde, Invisible Inflammable Gas-Folk from Beyond Bergen Chrypt, The Living Flames, March of the Lord of Fire, The Phoenix King, The Pope Lick Monster, Roc of Ages, Scream Bloody Boar, Sleep Now in the Fire, Smoke Steel & Sinew, Stone Assassins, Toon Horde, Tulivuori the Impulsive, Vulpignipagus, What is Emerging from the Chrysalis?, Zephyr Wyrm

Traps: The Dead Moon, The Death Bed, The Entombed, The Hanging Man, Metal Spider Webs, Misery 4:3, The Smouldering Bull; transferred: The Black Salt, Cult of the Bubbling Waters, Dread Engines, A Fire of Luscious Secrets and Ambrosian Truths, Screams of Agony and Fear, The Unholy Idol of Chort, Wheel of Misfortune

Dungeons: 4:3 Forth comes fire and a horde, Alles Wird Brennen, Among the Blood of Thine Enemies, The Demesne of Conflagration, Der Turm des Totenbeschwörers, Glimpses of a Dying World, The Horde from Beyond, House of the Hollow, Kingdoms Burn, … This is Bat Country

Et Cetera: From the Heretic Mountains, From the West Fire, Uncle Bogdan’s Tale of Two Sons

Variants: Mörk Borg Lite!

Conversions: Mörk Maus

Apocrypha: The Necromancer, The Six, Hellfire Flies, Misery 4:3 – Nø Rëvērïë, Mörk Porg, The Stone King, Tarred Revenant, The Siege of Grönrot

Game jams: Bad-Basilisk Berg-Borg Jam

28 March 2021

Items: d50 Shamanic Tools

Monsters: Punishment Fist Dog of the Rotten Gods, Weregoat

Dungeons: L’Atelier de l’Artist, Auld Clootie’s Bairn, The Church of Katharszisz, Unholy Mountain

Variants: Forbidden Psalm

Apocrypha: Cursed Immortality, Dark Druid, Tainted Inquisitor, Harpy, The Legend of the Painkiller, Swollen Leeches, Winged Deadite

Crowdfunding campaigns: Lord

Game jams: Album Crawl Rocks the 80s

21 March 2021

Rules: Dukk Börg, The Evil Eye, Hovel of Miseries, What’s Wrong with Me Doctor?

Classes: Antiquated Drunkard, Cursed Goblin Hunter, Demigod of an Ancient Family, Eagle Warrior, Ostracized Monk

Items: Bog Iron, Hoodening, The Lost Riddares of Daol Grenn, Rose of the Adorant, The Shadow of the Wu (scrolls)

Monsters: Afanc, Aggrieved Village Guardian, The Birdmen of Mount King, Bird of Ill Omen, Black Poodle, Black Shuck, The Bunnyman, The Devil-Bargained Canoe, Draugen, Every God Will Fall, Flayed Face Collector, Fossegrimen, Gashadokuro, Giant Moth Demon, Green Knight, House, The Hull House Devil Baby, Humbaba, Inte Rådjur, The King Under the Mountain, Knomes, Lambert Wörm, Lavandeiras, Madagor, The Mad Haberdasher, The Magic Table The Golden Donkey and the Club in the Sack, Nøkken, Pugot Mamu, Skeletal Hoodeners, Svensk Köck, There Was an Old Lady, The Servant Girl Annihilator, The Triangular, A Weasel’s Funeral, Wendigo, The Wicker God

Dungeons: Big American Men, Biosbardos, Chässe-Galerie, Croak!, Crossing the High Fens, Cult of the Bubbling Waters, The Devil’s Crossroad, The Devil’s Tramping Ground, Down Below, Drums of Ascension, The Fiend’s Paw, A Fire of Luscious Secrets & Ambrosian Truths, For Whom the Deer Haunts, House, The Loneliness of the Múrmaidenm, The Lonely Throne, Omentide, A Pestilence of Maths, The Salmon of Knowledge, Stull, Tatterhood, Trial of the Altered Beast, The Unholy Idol of Chort, Vales of Northern Bergen Chrypt, The Visitation of Rosewell, The Visitors of Reduction, Wind Fetter

Et Cetera: Likho

Variants: On the Bones of Bathala

Tools: Denizens of the Dying World, Grave Matters Character Sheet, Notion tool/template

Apocrypha: Particlemen, Punishment Fist Dog of the Rotten Gods, Harpies Nest, The Mosh Pit, Pilgrimage of the Damned

Game jams: 24-Hour Misery Jam

14/15 March 2021

Rules: Sailing (Within a Mile of Home)

Classes: Haunted Demonologist + Demons & Beasts, Sinful Sailor (Within a Mile of Home)

Items: Bolo Santizeli’s Prosthetics, The Bone of Batrasaxas, Nautical Weapons & Tattoos (Within a Mile of Home)

Monsters: Dö’Vinc, Frostweans, Hellequin, Kh’akh’Awin, The Mangalok, Mbói Tu’i, Mothman, Paralysis Demon, Perytion, Welwa

Dungeons: A Spluttering And A Splashing, Devil’s Camp, The Hiidet On The Hills, Leaving Home (Within a Mile of Home), The Murderous Monks of Mournful Moor

Et Cetera: Hack, Duck, Pray

Apocrypha: Blood Distillery

Crowdfunding campaigns: Börk Morgue #666

7 March 2021

Classes: Deathbound Marauder, Eldritch Earthbound, Slapping Bastard

Monsters: Las caras de Bélmez, Ghost Lights, Leprechaun, Martolea, Mörk Sugga, Vidvittra

Dungeons: Anzhela and the Caged Skulls, Curse of the Martolea, Clamdash!, Emeric’s Pilgrimage, The Wild Hunt

Et Cetera: Accursed Den VTT Maps, Kashchey the Deathless

Apocrypha: Color Map of the Dying Land, The Crawling Caverns

Crowdfunding: Within a Mile of Home

28 February 2021

Rules: Dark Fortean Times: Pwdre Sêr, Eskalating Eskatons

Items: Lord Sombrio’s Horse Lottery

Monsters: Böbö, Cü-Síth, Drowned Kobieta, Grylla, Guenna, Jack in Irons, Skaurkalln

Dungeons: Blunderbuss, The Living Statue of Alk Baum

Apocrypha: “There are seven wolves inside you

21 February 2021

Classes: Brazen Blacksmith, Calamitous Cobbler, Catacomb Saint, Devil’s Reject, Forsaken Oathbearer, Mutated Goblin, Tarnished Strumpet

Items: Recared’s Unclean Pamphlet

Monsters: Beast of Bremen, BEstitchARY, Bloody Cap, Boneless Hag, Buback, Candyman, Chupacabra, Hollow Saint, Jack in the Green, Mljacko, Myling, The Ogre, Pandafeche, Singing Tree, Sisters of Hate, Tantrabobus, There Is One Goat, Utbörding

Dungeons: The Broken Sword of Vile Souls, Call of the Siren, The Cave of Wonders, Down the Altamaha(-ha), Escape the Dullahan, Oko Tree, Teind of Álfheim, A Wizard’s Dying Wish

Apocrypha: Religious Objects, Death Cube, Gjälgr, Midwestern Nice, Marble Fountain

Crowdfunding campaigns: Mörk Materia, Peril at Frost Manor

14 February 2021

Classes: The Amalgamation, An Cailleach, Boy and Tiger, Disgruntled Innkeeper, D. Raven, Misanthropic Messenger, Nachthex

Items: 1990’s Proto-Folklore, Occult Ossuary, Tenacious Helmets

Monsters: Big F’n Rock, Black Volga, Boitatá, Brazierisle Bestiary, Dyer Lich, Falbärr, Hagtesse, Occult Ossuary, Tarasque, Tenacious Helmets, Tenacious Tupaliq, Vile Bile-Rider, Wicked Ensemble

Dungeons: Blackroot Trudge, Catacombs of the Briar Witch, Corpsewake Cove, The Fleshworks, Occult Ossuary, Rattus Norvegicus, Samson’s Dead, Where’s His Head?, This Hell of Mine, Tower of Scoundrels

Tools: Stitcherer

Crowdfunding campaigns: The Box of Shadows, Mörkal Komborg, The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum / The Sacred Teachings of Titus the Unliving Magus

Apocrypha: The Blindman’s Primer, Botched Born, Armaments of the Damned, Hårigskrikår

7 February 2021

Classes: “The” Bellfounder, Tormented Toymaker

Monsters: Betty Blackteeth, Dark Emissary, The Deep, A Fight with a Kelpied Knight, Flerjordhög Filip, Grå Häst, The Ignited, Street Spider, The Thirteenth Damned Son

Dungeons: The Great Axeby, Soul Wrenched Shaman, The Thirteenth Damned Son Adventure

Apocrypha: Tarnished Strumpet, Unearthed Puppet

Crowdfunding campaigns: Forbidden Psalm

1 February 2021

Rules: The Secret Glory

Classes: Decrepit Seer, Half-Fiend Berserker, Murderhobo with an Arquebus, Reqiescent Ratcatcher

Items: The Cailleach’s Call, Galdr, A (sometimes) Spiked Flail to the Face, The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum / The Sacred Teachings of Titus the Unliving Magus

Monsters: The Bleeding Knight, Böka, Ratstabber

Dungeons: Ancient Skin, The Beggar’s Shrine, Death and Pestilence, Mass Burial, Unwanted Fragments #1, Wheel of Misfortune

Tools: Reference Sheet, Official Character Sheet

Apocrypha: d444 Weapons Hack, Dead Philosopher, Dramatic Encounter Table, Iridescent Ibis

Crowdfunding campaigns: The Cult of Bubbling Waters, Every God Will Fall, House of the Hollow, The Vaults of Torment

Game jams: FÖLK-LORE

24 January 2021

Rules: Blackpowder Basics, Deck of Secrets, Deck of Terribly Broken Bodies, Horrible Wounds

Classes: Blackpowder Blackguard, Corpse Plunderer, Exiled Sanguinary, Robber Knight

Items: Blackpowder Weapons, Deck of Treasures

Monsters: Deck of Scoundrels, Flesh Golem, Grootslang

Dungeons: The Quantum Tzompantli

Tools: Category added; DNGNGEN, Scvmbirther, Scvmatorium transferred

Apocrypha: Character Creation Spreadsheet, Character Creation Worksheet, GM Screen, Manmade Mimic

Crowdfunding campaigns: BEstitchARY,Grave Matters, Glimpses of a Dying World, The Tower of Scoundrels, The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum / The Sacred Teachings of Titus the Unliving Magus; Putrescence Regnant, Heretic, Corpsewake Cove, Masticator Gate, Trio of Twisted Decks transferred

18 January 2021

Rules: MBC: Heretic, A Trio of Twisted Decks

Classes: Svampätare

Items: Deck of Evil Objects

Dungeons: Corpsewake Cove

Apocrypha: Flesh Golem, Grootslang, Half Zombie, MÖRK BORG map

11 January 2021

Rules: Scvmbirther exclusive content, Death Is Not an Escape!, Eldritch Elevations

Classes: Dark Diver, Knight Errant

Items: Scvmbirther exclusive content

Monsters: Buster Bone-Gnawer, Devourer of Afflictions

Dungeons: Corny Groń, The Oasis

Apocrypha: Solo-Play Rules, Arcane Husk, Blood-Drenched Beasthunter, Corpse-Stiff Hero, the Cursed Two, Dead Girl Classes, Dead Girls in Sarkash Forest, The Devourer of Afflictions, Half-Fiend Berserker, Candelabra of Blood, Acid Hag, Baraqi, Basement Cow, Breghin, Caustic Abomination, Cewri, The Deep, Encounters in Sarkash Forest, Herschinder, Hidra Demon Spider, Psalm 1:4, Tar-Breather, Unborn Assassin, The Filthridden Cavernous Lair of the Necrotic Spider Queen, Galgenbeck Map with d6 Events, Sparrow’s Heart, Alternative Character Sheet, Fillable Character Sheet, Pandemic Character Sheet, Map of Tveland

4 January 2021

Rules: So You Want to Rise from Your Grave

Classes: Betrayed Phantom

Items: d66 Martial Items

Monsters: Checkmörk

Dungeons: Boarding the Ouroboros, Bony Knuckles to the Face, Flails at Chrimbo

28 December 2020

Rules: Mud Future

Classes: Profane Survivor

Monsters: Granny, Horrendous and Corrupted Growth, Snowman, Jólakötturinn

Dungeons: Unholy Night

Misc: Maps for Mörk Borg, map of Tveland, MB Inspired Art

21 December 2020

Rules: Deck of Corpses, Knives, Making Friends and Eating People

Classes: Cannibal Cook, Mäinframe gLeech

Items: The Procession of Saint Thrýla

Monsters: Boni, Calo’s Book of Monsters, Krampus, Niklaus, The Procession of Saint Thrýla

Dungeons: The Forsaken God, Of Grey Matters, Two Hunters

14 December 2020

Rules: Dread Engines, Suffering Extended

Items: d100 Mundane Items

Monsters: The Choir of the Dead Gods, Maust

7 December 2020

Classes: Vicious Raider

Items: Kallbrand

Monsters: Dancing Zweihander, Marrow Bees & Osteapiarists, Meat Puppeteer, Seven Palms for Seven Psalms, Strange Citizens of the City, Strange Visitors to the City, Strange Inhabitants of the Forest

Dungeons: Black Stump

30 November 2020

Rules: We Die Alone

Classes: Fugitive Knight, The Jackanapes

Monsters: Sin-Broken Waif

Dungeons: Dwór Czarnego Gnoma

23 November 2020

Rules: Mangled Bodies, Cultists of Dying Gods (torture rules)

Classes: Bone Slave

Items: The Sunken Tome

Monsters: Cultists of Dying Gods, Fistful of Creeps

16 November 2020

Rules: Riders of the Apocalypse

Monsters: Riders of the Apocalypse

Dungeons: Blood Money, The Gardens at the Bewitching Hour, The Shape of He to Come, Stone and Rock

9 November 2020

Classes: Damned Blade-Thrall, Quarantine Defector, Witness to the Shadow King’s Majesty

Monsters: Slaughter Dog

Dungeons: The Burning of Galgenbeck Cathedral, Glasrø Island, Solitude

2 November 2020

Rules: Dual Wielding

Classes: The Cult of the Iron Golem, Mycelial Symbiont (Mörky Mycology), The Profane Survivor, The Worst

Items: Femoral Didgeridoo, Dental Manvscript, Mörky Mycology (various)

Monsters: The Abominable Bone Pit of Alteraxx, Mörky Mycology (various), Nökken, The Vertebrachnid

Dungeons: Murder, Blues, and Her on my Mind, Underhill

26 October 2020

Rules: Mörk Hammer, Nechrosis, The Shit-Black Death

Classes: Blighted Merman, Exalted Gambler

Monsters: The Bishop

Dungeons: Graves Left Wanting, Atticus Tower, The Beastlord Will Feast on Your Flesh, The Charnal Map, The City Shall Be Made Hollow, Death Church Death Crawl, Fvck This I’m Out, Screams of Agony and Fear, The Vale of Stinking Fur, The Vault of Refuse and Waking Nightmares

19 October 2020

Classes: 2-Headed Basilisk of the 1 Trve Faith, The Inheritor, Psyber Devangelist

Items: Auf der murderkulten

Monsters: Myling, Psi-Sci-Fi monsters, The Wendigo

Dungeons: The Cook at the Crossroads, On the Slaughterfront, Slötterpit, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

12 October 2020

Rules: Scvmatorium content, Scvmfurther, Scvmfurther 2

Classes: The Despondent Demihumans

Items: Scvmatorium content

Dungeons: 30 Days of Mork Borg, Albumcrawl, Darker Forts, The Tournament at Alliáns

5 October 2020

Rules: Carousing in the Dying World, d66 People from Your Past, Les Miseredibles

Classes: Badlands Ranger, Chaos DJ, Child of Nechrubel, Gallows-Reveler, Landlocked Buccaneer, Misbegotten Relict, Scvmatorium, Suitor-Knight of Kergüs, Sun Scorched Zealot, The Wretched Usurper

Monsters: Draugen, Mygga

Dungeons: DNGNGEN, Death Temple Sztun, The Death Ziggurat, A Good Old-Fashioned Murder Dungeon, Black Bvrn Bridge, The Church of the Forbidden Gate, The Cleaving in Buskstätt, Flails Akimbo, Miserere, Quest for the Murder Sword, The Spire of Grief, Spore-spawn of the Rhizoworm, Through a Glass Darkly, Vaults of Unfaith, The Vaults of the Optic Experiment

28 September 2020

Rules: The Black Salt Wind, Eat Prey Kill, Roads to Damnation/Overland Travel, Scvmbirther, Unheroic Feats

Classes: Cursed Skinwalker, Dead God’s Prophet, Pale One, Sacrilegious Songbird, Forlorn Philosopher, Rotting Recalcitrant, Tannsowan

Items: d110 Items and Trinkets, Tenebrous Reliquary, The Tablets of Ochre Obscurity

Monsters: Bone Bowyer, Membrane of Sarkantha & Sarcopha-ghost, The Merchant, Monsters Based on the Binding of Isaac, Monster Generator, Babalon’s Hangover, Pair of Skeletal Legs and A Thrashing Spine With A Skull That Makes Fun Of You When You Miss

Dungeons: Bloat, Devil’s Tomb, Dark Fort, Goblin Grinder, The Grey Galth Inn, The Bastard of the Badlands, The Dead City of Pyre-Chrypt, Down and Out in a Schleswig Sanitorium, The Dungescape #1, The Romvs Inn, Slaughtered in the Snow, Snotsoil Mire

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