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28 February 2021

Rules: Dark Fortean Times: Pwdre Sêr, Eskalating Eskatons

Items: Lord Sombrio’s Horse Lottery

Monsters: Böbö, Cü-Síth, Drowned Kobieta, Grylla, Guenna, Jack in Irons, Skaurkalln

Dungeons: Blunderbuss, The Living Statue of Alk Baum

Apocrypha: “There are seven wolves inside you

21 February 2021

Classes: Brazen Blacksmith, Calamitous Cobbler, Catacomb Saint, Devil’s Reject, Forsaken Oathbearer, Mutated Goblin, Tarnished Strumpet

Items: Recared’s Unclean Pamphlet

Monsters: Beast of Bremen, BEstitchARY, Bloody Cap, Boneless Hag, Buback, Candyman, Chupacabra, Hollow Saint, Jack in the Green, Mljacko, Myling, The Ogre, Pandafeche, Singing Tree, Sisters of Hate, Tantrabobus, There Is One Goat, Utbörding

Dungeons: The Broken Sword of Vile Souls, Call of the Siren, The Cave of Wonders, Down the Altamaha(-ha), Escape the Dullahan, Oko Tree, Teind of Álfheim, A Wizard’s Dying Wish

Apocrypha: Religious Objects, Death Cube, Gjälgr, Midwestern Nice, Marble Fountain

Crowdfunding campaigns: Mörk Materia, Peril at Frost Manor

14 February 2021

Classes: The Amalgamation, An Cailleach, Boy and Tiger, Disgruntled Innkeeper, D. Raven, Misanthropic Messenger, Nachthex

Items: 1990’s Proto-Folklore, Occult Ossuary, Tenacious Helmets

Monsters: Big F’n Rock, Black Volga, Boitatá, Brazierisle Bestiary, Dyer Lich, Falbärr, Hagtesse, Occult Ossuary, Tarasque, Tenacious Helmets, Tenacious Tupaliq, Vile Bile-Rider, Wicked Ensemble

Dungeons: Blackroot Trudge, Catacombs of the Briar Witch, Corpsewake Cove, The Fleshworks, Occult Ossuary, Rattus Norvegicus, Samson’s Dead, Where’s His Head?, This Hell of Mine, Tower of Scoundrels

Tools: Stitcherer

Crowdfunding campaigns: The Box of Shadows, Mörkal Komborg, The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum / The Sacred Teachings of Titus the Unliving Magus

Apocrypha: The Blindman’s Primer, Botched Born, Armaments of the Damned, Hårigskrikår

7 February 2021

Classes: “The” Bellfounder, Tormented Toymaker

Monsters: Betty Blackteeth, Dark Emissary, The Deep, A Fight with a Kelpied Knight, Flerjordhög Filip, Grå Häst, The Ignited, Street Spider, The Thirteenth Damned Son

Dungeons: The Great Axeby, Soul Wrenched Shaman, The Thirteenth Damned Son Adventure

Apocrypha: Tarnished Strumpet, Unearthed Puppet

Crowdfunding campaigns: Forbidden Psalm

1 February 2021

Rules: The Secret Glory

Classes: Decrepit Seer, Half-Fiend Berserker, Murderhobo with an Arquebus, Reqiescent Ratcatcher

Items: The Cailleach’s Call, Galdr, A (sometimes) Spiked Flail to the Face, The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum / The Sacred Teachings of Titus the Unliving Magus

Monsters: The Bleeding Knight, Böka, Ratstabber

Dungeons: Ancient Skin, The Beggar’s Shrine, Death and Pestilence, Mass Burial, Unwanted Fragments #1, Wheel of Misfortune

Tools: Reference Sheet, Official Character Sheet

Apocrypha: d444 Weapons Hack, Dead Philosopher, Dramatic Encounter Table, Iridescent Ibis

Crowdfunding campaigns: The Cult of Bubbling Waters, Every God Will Fall, House of the Hollow, The Vaults of Torment

Game jams: FÖLK-LORE

24 January 2021

Rules: Blackpowder Basics, Deck of Secrets, Deck of Terribly Broken Bodies, Horrible Wounds

Classes: Blackpowder Blackguard, Corpse Plunderer, Exiled Sanguinary, Robber Knight

Items: Blackpowder Weapons, Deck of Treasures

Monsters: Deck of Scoundrels, Flesh Golem, Grootslang

Dungeons: The Quantum Tzompantli

Tools: Category added; DNGNGEN, Scvmbirther, Scvmatorium transferred

Apocrypha: Character Creation Spreadsheet, Character Creation Worksheet, GM Screen, Manmade Mimic

Crowdfunding campaigns: BEstitchARY,Grave Matters, Glimpses of a Dying World, The Tower of Scoundrels, The Unclean Leporello of the Foul Wizard Baum / The Sacred Teachings of Titus the Unliving Magus; Putrescence Regnant, Heretic, Corpsewake Cove, Masticator Gate, Trio of Twisted Decks transferred

18 January 2021

Rules: MBC: Heretic, A Trio of Twisted Decks

Classes: Svampätare

Items: Deck of Evil Objects

Dungeons: Corpsewake Cove

Apocrypha: Flesh Golem, Grootslang, Half Zombie, MÖRK BORG map

11 January 2021

Rules: Scvmbirther exclusive content, Death Is Not an Escape!, Eldritch Elevations

Classes: Dark Diver, Knight Errant

Items: Scvmbirther exclusive content

Monsters: Buster Bone-Gnawer, Devourer of Afflictions

Dungeons: Corny Groń, The Oasis

Apocrypha: Solo-Play Rules, Arcane Husk, Blood-Drenched Beasthunter, Corpse-Stiff Hero, the Cursed Two, Dead Girl Classes, Dead Girls in Sarkash Forest, The Devourer of Afflictions, Half-Fiend Berserker, Candelabra of Blood, Acid Hag, Baraqi, Basement Cow, Breghin, Caustic Abomination, Cewri, The Deep, Encounters in Sarkash Forest, Herschinder, Hidra Demon Spider, Psalm 1:4, Tar-Breather, Unborn Assassin, The Filthridden Cavernous Lair of the Necrotic Spider Queen, Galgenbeck Map with d6 Events, Sparrow’s Heart, Alternative Character Sheet, Fillable Character Sheet, Pandemic Character Sheet, Map of Tveland

4 January 2021

Rules: So You Want to Rise from Your Grave

Classes: Betrayed Phantom

Items: d66 Martial Items

Monsters: Checkmörk

Dungeons: Boarding the Ouroboros, Bony Knuckles to the Face, Flails at Chrimbo

28 December 2020

Rules: Mud Future

Classes: Profane Survivor

Monsters: Granny, Horrendous and Corrupted Growth, Snowman, Jólakötturinn

Dungeons: Unholy Night

Misc: Maps for Mörk Borg, map of Tveland, MB Inspired Art

21 December 2020

Rules: Deck of Corpses, Knives, Making Friends and Eating People

Classes: Cannibal Cook, Mäinframe gLeech

Items: The Procession of Saint Thrýla

Monsters: Boni, Calo’s Book of Monsters, Krampus, Niklaus, The Procession of Saint Thrýla

Dungeons: The Forsaken God, Of Grey Matters, Two Hunters

14 December 2020

Rules: Dread Engines, Suffering Extended

Items: d100 Mundane Items

Monsters: The Choir of the Dead Gods, Maust

7 December 2020

Classes: Vicious Raider

Items: Kallbrand

Monsters: Dancing Zweihander, Marrow Bees & Osteapiarists, Meat Puppeteer, Seven Palms for Seven Psalms, Strange Citizens of the City, Strange Visitors to the City, Strange Inhabitants of the Forest

Dungeons: Black Stump

30 November 2020

Rules: We Die Alone

Classes: Fugitive Knight, The Jackanapes

Monsters: Sin-Broken Waif

Dungeons: Dwór Czarnego Gnoma

23 November 2020

Rules: Mangled Bodies, Cultists of Dying Gods (torture rules)

Classes: Bone Slave

Items: The Sunken Tome

Monsters: Cultists of Dying Gods, Fistful of Creeps

16 November 2020

Rules: Riders of the Apocalypse

Monsters: Riders of the Apocalypse

Dungeons: Blood Money, The Gardens at the Bewitching Hour, The Shape of He to Come, Stone and Rock

9 November 2020

Classes: Damned Blade-Thrall, Quarantine Defector, Witness to the Shadow King’s Majesty

Monsters: Slaughter Dog

Dungeons: The Burning of Galgenbeck Cathedral, Glasrø Island, Solitude

2 November 2020

Rules: Dual Wielding

Classes: The Cult of the Iron Golem, Mycelial Symbiont (Mörky Mycology), The Profane Survivor, The Worst

Items: Femoral Didgeridoo, Dental Manvscript, Mörky Mycology (various)

Monsters: The Abominable Bone Pit of Alteraxx, Mörky Mycology (various), Nökken, The Vertebrachnid

Dungeons: Murder, Blues, and Her on my Mind, Underhill

26 October 2020

Rules: Mörk Hammer, Nechrosis, The Shit-Black Death

Classes: Blighted Merman, Exalted Gambler

Monsters: The Bishop

Dungeons: Graves Left Wanting, Atticus Tower, The Beastlord Will Feast on Your Flesh, The Charnal Map, The City Shall Be Made Hollow, Death Church Death Crawl, Fvck This I’m Out, Screams of Agony and Fear, The Vale of Stinking Fur, The Vault of Refuse and Waking Nightmares

19 October 2020

Classes: 2-Headed Basilisk of the 1 Trve Faith, The Inheritor, Psyber Devangelist

Items: Auf der murderkulten

Monsters: Myling, Psi-Sci-Fi monsters, The Wendigo

Dungeons: The Cook at the Crossroads, On the Slaughterfront, Slötterpit, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

12 October 2020

Rules: Scvmatorium content, Scvmfurther, Scvmfurther 2

Classes: The Despondent Demihumans

Items: Scvmatorium content

Dungeons: 30 Days of Mork Borg, Albumcrawl, Darker Forts, The Tournament at Alliáns

5 October 2020

Rules: Carousing in the Dying World, d66 People from Your Past, Les Miseredibles

Classes: Badlands Ranger, Chaos DJ, Child of Nechrubel, Gallows-Reveler, Landlocked Buccaneer, Misbegotten Relict, Scvmatorium, Suitor-Knight of Kergüs, Sun Scorched Zealot, The Wretched Usurper

Monsters: Draugen, Mygga

Dungeons: DNGNGEN, Death Temple Sztun, The Death Ziggurat, A Good Old-Fashioned Murder Dungeon, Black Bvrn Bridge, The Church of the Forbidden Gate, The Cleaving in Buskstätt, Flails Akimbo, Miserere, Quest for the Murder Sword, The Spire of Grief, Spore-spawn of the Rhizoworm, Through a Glass Darkly, Vaults of Unfaith, The Vaults of the Optic Experiment

28 September 2020

Rules: The Black Salt Wind, Eat Prey Kill, Roads to Damnation/Overland Travel, Scvmbirther, Unheroic Feats

Classes: Cursed Skinwalker, Dead God’s Prophet, Pale One, Sacrilegious Songbird, Forlorn Philosopher, Rotting Recalcitrant, Tannsowan

Items: d110 Items and Trinkets, Tenebrous Reliquary, The Tablets of Ochre Obscurity

Monsters: Bone Bowyer, Membrane of Sarkantha & Sarcopha-ghost, The Merchant, Monsters Based on the Binding of Isaac, Monster Generator, Babalon’s Hangover, Pair of Skeletal Legs and A Thrashing Spine With A Skull That Makes Fun Of You When You Miss

Dungeons: Bloat, Devil’s Tomb, Dark Fort, Goblin Grinder, The Grey Galth Inn, The Bastard of the Badlands, The Dead City of Pyre-Chrypt, Down and Out in a Schleswig Sanitorium, The Dungescape #1, The Romvs Inn, Slaughtered in the Snow, Snotsoil Mire

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