Table Talk

TTRPGs as communication & communication in TTRPGs

H. Gillet, illustration from Anatomie des centres nerveux, 1895; and George Bradshaw, Plan of Haumburg, ca. 1850-1859.

Imagining Dystopia

Neurocity & the cognitive, social, and political functions of RPGs

Gustave Moreau, Death Offers Crowns to the Winner of the Tournament

Dread Contra Fiasco

Material risk and narrative agency in a pair of peculiar TTRPGs


Agon: A Review

Competition is (literally) the name of the game


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Joshua Reynolds, Theory oil painting

Analyses of the Unreal

A curated reading list of TTRPG theory for designers, players, and thinkers

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Triumph of Death

Ex Libris Mörk Borg

An annotated bibliography of official, semi-official & community content for Mörk Borg. Updated weekly.

Hacks & Homebrew

Gustave Doré, engraving for The Works of Rabelais

Zeitgeist in Ravenland

GM-less play and material culture in Fria Ligan’s Forbidden Lands

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