Dice x Space

Using shiny math rocks for more than shiny math


How 4 TTRPGs imagine the end of the world

From Aether Operations by World Champ Game Co. in association with Floating Chair Club, © 2021. Image used with permission.

Neoteny in Print

Aether Operations & the process of (un)becoming a book

A partial view of the Mandelbrot set generated by Wolfgang Beyer. Cropped version of the original used here under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Gaming the Meta

The funhouse of games about metagame culture

Felix Vallotton's painting of Perseus Killing the Dragon

Sword & Satire

Subversive humor in 3̶ ̶g̶a̶m̶e̶s̶ 2 games & a “game”

Louis Anquetin, Ruiter en bedelaar, 1893. Public domain.

The Things They Carry

Character sheets as gameplay components in Knave, Troika!, and UVG

H. Gillet, illustration from Anatomie des centres nerveux, 1895; and George Bradshaw, Plan of Haumburg, ca. 1850-1859.

Imagining Dystopia

Neurocity & the cognitive, social, and political functions of RPGs

Gustave Moreau, Death Offers Crowns to the Winner of the Tournament

Dread Contra Fiasco

Material risk and narrative agency in a pair of peculiar TTRPGs


(the real) Natalie Wood, 1 June 2021

On Being Good

The poetics of LARPing and journaling with your dog


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Dragon by Pearson Scott Foresman. Public domain. Modified using Text-Image's ASCII converter tool.

Databases & Dragons

New media’s influence on RPG design and experience

Story & 💿🐴

How narratology can clarify (and confound) discussions of story in RPGs


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Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer above the sea of fog, ca. 1817

Rolling Solo

A roster of GM & player emulators, oracles, and engines for TTRPGs


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Hacks & Homebrew

Arthur Rackham, How Mordred Was Slain by Arthur, 1917. Public domain.

*Lance Not Included

But you’ll wish you had one in Chris Bissette’s Freelance RPG

Gustave Doré, engraving for The Works of Rabelais

Zeitgeist in Ravenland

GM-less play and material culture in Fria Ligan’s Forbidden Lands

Random BS

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