From Aether Operations by World Champ Game Co. in association with Floating Chair Club, © 2021. Image used with permission.

Neoteny in Print

Aether Operations & the process of (un)becoming a book

A partial view of the Mandelbrot set generated by Wolfgang Beyer. Cropped version of the original used here under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Gaming the Meta

The funhouse of games about metagame culture

Felix Vallotton's painting of Perseus Killing the Dragon

Sword & Satire

Subversive humor in 3̶ ̶g̶a̶m̶e̶s̶ 2 games & a “game”

Louis Anquetin, Ruiter en bedelaar, 1893. Public domain.

The Things They Carry

Character sheets as gameplay components in Knave, Troika!, and UVG

Table Talk

TTRPGs as communication & communication in TTRPGs

H. Gillet, illustration from Anatomie des centres nerveux, 1895; and George Bradshaw, Plan of Haumburg, ca. 1850-1859.

Imagining Dystopia

Neurocity & the cognitive, social, and political functions of RPGs

Gustave Moreau, Death Offers Crowns to the Winner of the Tournament

Dread Contra Fiasco

Material risk and narrative agency in a pair of peculiar TTRPGs


(the real) Natalie Wood, 1 June 2021

On Being Good

The poetics of LARPing and journaling with your dog

Arthur Rackham, How Mordred Was Slain by Arthur, 1917. Public domain.

*Lance Not Included

But you’ll wish you had one in Chris Bissette’s Freelance RPG

Agon: A Review

Competition is (literally) the name of the game


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Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer above the sea of fog, ca. 1817

Rolling Solo

A roster of GM & player emulators, oracles, and engines for TTRPGs


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Hacks & Homebrew

Gustave Doré, engraving for The Works of Rabelais

Zeitgeist in Ravenland

GM-less play and material culture in Fria Ligan’s Forbidden Lands

Random BS

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