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The following people were proud patrons of Liber Ludorum, and their generous support helped me bring readers more and better content in the blog’s early days.

Note: The links below are shows of gratitude for patrons’ support, not endorsements of content. But since they’re supporters, they obviously have refined taste, and you should check out the links anyway.

Philosophical Agonists
Fevered Archivists
& OG DMs

John Bannister
@jdbannister 🐦

Derek Gustafson
@DeGustafson 🐦

Greyson Yandt 🎲

Stein Hansen 🎲

Heckin’ Viv
@_hex8 🐦 ● 🎲

Ian Long 🎲 ● DTRPG 🎲

Marcia (chiquitafajita_) 🎲 ● blog 📜

Isaac Wilcox 🎲

& Bibliophiles

James Aitken

Coffee With Dice
solo play blog ✒️

Brian Colin 🌳

Karl Druid
@makedatanotlore 🐦 ● 🎲

The Eldritch Tomb 🎲 ● Patreon 🧧

Illeen 🎲

Martin Bonnevier Kronlid 🎲

Arrows Against Lightning 🤘

Reverend Uncle Bastard

The Skullpting Chin 🎲

vil 🎲

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