“Any tabletop gamers out there? If so, give this a read. I may have just shown you your new favorite blog. You’re welcome.”

Paul DeAfonseca, Reel Theories

“An excellent, in-depth review covering the document usability, graphic design, typography and the material, tactile aspects of this yellow little book of doom.”

Mörk Borg

“Good lord this additional review goes so hard and it makes me love my own game even more.”

Fen Slattery, Designer & Author

“I love the commitment to titles that baffle and tease as much as they explain. Big part of the blog’s charm at this point!“

Thomas Manuel, The Indie RPG Newsletter

“Congratulations on writing something about the d2020 that is itself as hilarious as the d2020.“

Storm Crow Manor

“Absolute madlad.“

Pablo Dapena, Developer & Designer

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