Ex Libris Mörk Borg: Et Cetera

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Mörk Borg


Merch Borg
Johan Nohr

“Buy MÖRK BORG stuff here. Wear it, give it away, or cut it to pieces. It’s up to you.”

North America
Everywhere else

7:7 tee
Dungeon Havoc

“Show your love for the brutal TTRPG Mork Borg by donning this brutal shirt that warns that the end is nigh!”

Accursed Den VTT Maps

Basilisk Cries
Chryptwalker (RaptorShadow)

“Deep within the Bergen Chrypt, in the darkest pits, close to where SHE has simultaneously birthed and abandoned her blasphemous progeny… some wanker is playing with guitar effects.”

Clamdash! VTT map
Henrik the Little

Strega van den Berg

“A dream as they would be in MÖRK BORG. Or is it just a visit to CUBE VIOLET?”

Faces for a Dying Land

VTT tokens

Final Psalm tee
Dungeon Havoc

“Share Verhu’s nihilistic prophecy from the Mork Borg TTRPG with the world.”

From the Heretic Mountains [THE END IS NEAR jam]

From the West, Fire [THE END IS NEAR jam]
Maceo the Escher

“A Guide to the Apocalypse by King Sigfum the Kind”

Hack, Duck, Pray
Coffee With Dice

“A little browser game, inspired by quintessential Mörk Borg qualities: Math, Speed and the color Yellow.”

IN HER NAME [Bad-Basilisk Berg-Borg jam]
Walton Wood

“A meat-space game of stickers, 3rd-party content licensing, and maze treading”

Maps for Mörk Borg
Brian Yaksha

MB Inspired Art

Uncle Bogdan’s Tale of Two Sons [THE END IS NEAR jam]
Karol Popow

Rules ErrataToolsVariantsConversionsApocrypha

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