Ex Libris Mörk Borg: Game Jams

Game jams are group activities (sometimes competitive) wherein participants create gaming content. The following is a roster of Mörk Borg jams.


hosted by Sasha De’ath

“Your glorious content MUST BE THEMED after an album from the ’80s. Not ’80s inspired, not ’90s. 1980 to 1989, baby.”

hosted by Stein Hansen

“WE WANT YOU to produce art, written work, classes, random tables, monsters, or any kind of creative Mörk Borg content in this jam. … ALL profits from the project will go to an animal charity, that will be voted on by the community after the kickstarter is fulfilled.”

hosted by Astrolich

“Show the world your best Ikea themed Mörk‌ ‌Borg‌ content!”

hosted by Gaffy

“A simple community dungeon Zine where all you have to do to be entered in to win a prize is make a room”


Album Crawl: Jam Session

hosted by Michael Tahmasian and Owen McGauley

hosted by Rugose Kohn

“A Revisionary Retrospective & Paraludic Intervention into Fundamentalist Propaganda”

hosted by Karl Druid

“A misery from the MÖRK BORG core rulebook will be rolled and announced at the start of the jam. This will be the theme of the jam.”

Game jams for the Mörk Borg RPG

hosted by Rugose Kohn and Johan Nohr
winners announced 21 March 2021

One Möre Day

hosted by Rugose Kohn

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